Corner Audio

The most overlooked yet far and away the most important part of any audiophile or home theater system's audio performance is room acoustics. A lot is said about first order reflections on the ceiling, front walls and rear walls. Bass absorption is another key issue. Balancing sound defraction from absorption is yet another key issue but one issue that gets audiophiles all the time is how to deal with the corners of your room.

KlipschMost audiophile rooms have corners at some level or another and they can create standing waves, bass maladies and beyond. Some people try to start out building rooms without distinct corners but that's hard to do. Ceilings have corners. Side walls create corners. They are basically everywhere. The question is how to deal with them.

Some solutions is to look for audiophile speakers that are designed to actually fit into a corner like Klipsch's K-Horns but these $4,500 per pair speakers while loved by tube fans are not the perfect solution for all and they are a little bit expensive. Other solutions are to look for room treatment products like ASC's tube traps reviewed here. These cylindrical, passive (meaning no active electronics are inside of them) are good solutions to help improve the sound of any audiophile or home theater room. Another less expensive way to deal with the effect of corners on audio is to use the digital room correction that comes in most of today's ASC Tubemodern receivers. The most common of the solutions is Audyssey which is quickly becoming somewhat of an industry standard that can through digital processing solve many of the issues that come from today's room acoustic issues. Is it better to deal with them in the physical world with construction, room treatments and speaker placement? Absolutely yes however there are times when there is a need for room correction and it does solve significant problems when in place even if purists don't like the idea much.

Hopefully, with these tips in hand you will have a better time solving one of audio's great questions. It can be done so don't worry. Perhaps you're wondering if headphones are a good solution for you. Check out good options at